It’s been awhile…

Hi Everyone!

I know it’s been awhile (okay, a LONG while) since I’ve posted any updates to my latest book.  Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about it, Liz, Patrick or you.  It’s all still very much alive an well.  Summering is coming along and I wish I could give you a date for when you’ll be able to find out what happens next in the series, I just can’t.  But it’s getting there!

I truly appreciate your interest in Summering and your patience.  Life has been busier and crazier than my typical level.  I knew motherhood kept you busy, but combining that with my “previous self” can be a challenge at times.  Please know that you are never far from my thoughts and I know you are anxiously awaiting to find out what happens next with Liz, Patrick and the crew.  But mostly Liz, since Springing left off with… Wait.  I’ll stop there in order to not spoil it for those who haven’t finished book 4 yet. =)

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