Les Miserables

The last couple days in my car I’ve been listening to Les Miserables.  On My Own always transports me to that first moment when Liz sings for Patrick and her audition in Falling.  It’s a poignant moment for me.  Singing is a very personal thing for Liz and she doesn’t trust easily – which, of course, we learn why later.  So for her to do so with Patrick silently says something significant about the connection she is making.  I hear the song and it has so much more meaning than it ever did for me in the years and years I’ve heard it before.  (I’m not worried about any spoilers in the above paragraph because if you’re visiting my website, you’ve had to have read at least the first book in the series.)

Once A Little Fall of Rain comes on my mind turns to Springing.  I won’t ruin it for those of you who haven’t read it yet, but I’m transported to a particular chapter in which Liz sings that song.  There’s another reference to part of a song in Les Miserables in book 4 and I think of all of you – my readers.  Many of you have posted on the the Facebook page or here or messaged me on Facebook, asking about the next book.  You want to know when it’s coming out and how’s it going.  You’ve told me you’ve read and reread the four books in the series and can’t wait for the fifth book Summering.  When I listen to the end of Les Miserables I think of all of you anxiously waiting where Liz, Patrick and the crew left off in Springing.

In about a week, I’ll share a little bit of Summering, but there’s a catch!  You have to subscribe to my newsletter to get the sneak peek!  If you haven’t subscribed yet, go to my website and sign-up.

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