Music of the…

My brain finishes the sentence by saying “night” but it’s really for the series.  If you’ve read Springing then there’s one song that very predominant in it.  I know for me that after I wrote that scene I never heard the song the same again.  Maybe it’s done the same for you.  There are songs that Liz sang during auditions or during the shows that might do the same thing.

But there are songs that aren’t mentioned in any of the books that appear on my playlist for the series.  Yes, I have a playlist on my iPod entitled “Bits and Pieces”.  They are all songs that make me think of scenes, characters or feelings from my books.  Some I found. Some my husband told me about.  Others friends or fans have mentioned to me.  They are grouped within the playlist by book.  In some cases, the song is overarching.  In a few, they represent what hasn’t happened yet.  They are representative of something in a character’s future.

Since music is a big part of Liz’s life, I wanted to share some that are in my Falling group of songs.  “Guardian Angel” by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus reminds me of Patrick.   “Officially Over” by New Kids on the Block always makes me think of Becca.  I can envision a Patrick and Becca in a music video for that song.

Those are just two of the many on my playlist. If you were to make a soundtrack for Falling, what would you put on it?

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