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If you’ve taken the time to visit my website or Facebook page, I hope that means that you are enjoying the Bits and Pieces series and want to know more.  More about the book.  More about Liz.  Maybe even more about me.

Currently there are three books in the series.  #1 – Falling.  #2 – Winter Solstice.  #3 – Wintering.   It is a series, so read them in order and post a review for each! The fourth book (entitled Springing) will be out some time in 2013 and is still currently being written.  I had hoped to get it finished by the end of the summer.  However, with that being 2-3 weeks away and many things on my plate, it’s going to be a challenge to get it done before I report back to school.  (If you didn’t know, teachers report back a few days before students do.)

In the mean time, enjoy the books.  And please post a review! Reviews help them been seen by the Amazon audience at-large and can help boost its rankings.  Also, reviews that are posted here or on Facebook (and differ from Amazon – even by just rewording things) could make it on the back cover when Winter Solstice and Wintering make it to paperback.  They don’t have to be long.  Any length is deeply appreciated!

Thanks for reading and your support!

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3 Responses to Post a review!

  1. Joy Erika Diwa says:

    I love this series! I told myself I would wait until Wintering came out to read Winter Solstice because I knew I couldn’t wait to read the next book, but my bank account doesn’t have enough money for me to purchase Wintering. Typical life of a college student to have low funds in the summer, I suppose. This series makes you fall in love with the characters and even more with your life. It teaches you that the people in your life do make an impact in what you do, and reminds you that it’s okay to ask for help and to feel a little uncomfortable and awkward. Reading this series is like a hug. It starts and ends amazing, and you really don’t want to let go when it’s time to leave.

  2. Cassandra Grein says:

    I Absolutely LOVE these books!!!!
    I found the first book on amazon and bought it for my kindle just to see what the series was like. I immediately found that i couldn’t put the book down and that i could relate to Liz. Her story has a lot of great twists an surprises. When I found the second book i couldnt imagine it would be as good as the first one was but it surprised me. Winter Solstice was just as good if not better as Falling. I was verry excited when Wintering came out and had no doubts that it would be wonderful. I read Wintering in two days, and didnt want the book to end! The books always leave you wanting more and I recommend this series to everyone. Very very awesome series, great reads! -Cassie Grein

  3. Elizabeth J. says:

    Shirley Miranda needs to quite worrying about silly, pesky things like family and work, you know, life, and just write. I love, love, love the Bits and Pieces series. Despite the fact that I am in my 40’s, well out of high school, I can so relate to Liz. Even at my age I feel alot of the things Liz feels. I wish everyone could have a friend like Patrick. And friends like the Crew.

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