Summer is almost done

I spent my summer teaching in a summer STEM summer program for high school students – so this teacher doesn’t get any summer break!

This summer season is almost to an end. Wait. What? The school year is about to start again marking the unofficial end to summer and start of fall. My daughter started school last year and it’s taken me a while to get into a groove to find time to do the mom things related to having your kid in school (planning/packing snacks and lunches, pick up schedules, school events and activities, etc.) and the teacher side of me. My work role changed a bit and I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to bring computer science to the youngest learners (TK-K) in my school district to high school seniors. I’ve learned a lot in developing experiences for students to learn how to code for the wide age range of students. And yes, kids who can’t read CAN CODE.

That being said, when I’ve sat down to write book 5, it’s been with literal pen and paper. I’m enjoying the tactile nature of it. This, of course, means that I still have to transfer it to the computer. The upside, as I see it, is that I can catch mistakes as I type them in. I’m not typing in a frantic flurry trying to get words out, then backspacing, then putting a bunch of returns to jot down about stuff or things that happen later. But if you saw my notebook, there’s stuff that scratched out, rewritten, scratched out and written again… sometimes with arrows.

The story for Summering is just about down. If I had to put a number to it, it’s probably at the 90% mark. Next, I’ll have to type it all in and edit. I’ll do my best to get the edits done quickly so the book is out sooner. I know you have been anxiously waiting to know what happens. I’m kicking around the idea of randomly selecting a few of you who might be interested in helping me edit – which means you’d get an advance peek at the next book. It’s a thought.

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