Twas the Week Before Christmas…

‘Twas the week before Christmas and what was I to do?
But spend some quality time with Liz, Patrick and the crew!
Unwrapped presents sat next to the tree in disarray
As I typed and imagined the next scene all night and all day.

Books one, two and three were already out and available to buy,
While book four sat in my computer almost ready to fly.
More editing would be done over this coming winter break
In an effort to be released by the last snowflake.

Springing will find Patrick’s secret admirer revealed
And shared moments with Joey and Patrick – my lips are sealed.
Just know I’m as anxious as you to read it too
So please be patient as I make it perfect for you.

Meanwhile, the fifth book is starting to take form
It’s all bombarding my mind like a summer storm.
My computer would tell you I work on the series every day
I want to find out what happens too, what can I say?

I’ll end this now to get back to my story at hand
Since it’s summer, the scene may involve sand.
On behalf of myself, Liz, Patrick and the crew
I’ll say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!”

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6 Responses to Twas the Week Before Christmas…

  1. Kristen says:

    When do you think springing will be out I’m anxious?!

    • Shirley Miranda says:

      I’m happy that you enjoyed the other books and are anxiously and “Jonesing” for the next book! I’m hoping that Springing will be ready and released out next month.

  2. Tina says:

    When is book 4 coming out?? Tore through the first 3 and now I am “Jonesing” for book 4…

  3. Theresa Byrd says:

    When does Summering due to come out?

    • Shirley Miranda says:

      I don’t have a prospective release date for Summering yet – I’m still writing it. I’m hoping for later this year. =)

  4. Stefani Ridenour says:

    I just finished reading Springing and am eagerly looking forward to the release of Summering. Thank you for such a wonderful story and as an assault survivor, I want to say that you have done a tremendous job of accurately representing how assault impacts its victims for years after the actual event.

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